Aloe Tile Works, Inc

From kitchens to swimming pools, we love to decorate the world in Aloe Tile. And we can even make it three-dimensional tile, like the cups for sale at our studio & gallery.

Click through the images to see some of the decorative tile we’ve done, then contact us to see what we can do for you.

House-Bee_.jpg House-BlueSnake.jpg House-BunnyRun.jpg House-Cross.jpg House-Cups_.jpg House-Grasshopper.jpg House-Hummingbird.jpg House-Ladybug.jpg House-Lizard.jpg House-Mockingbird.jpg House-Monarch.jpg House-Monarch2.jpg House-MorningGlory.jpg House-Rabbit.jpg House-Sanford-kitchen.jpg House-SanfordBathroom.jpg House-Smaller-mirror-550x401.jpg House-Tile.jpg